Orthodox Christianity in Karelia and Finland Ortodoksisuus Karjalassa ja Suomessa
Exhibition opening

Colours of Orthodoxy. Finland

The contest was organized to present the diversity and beauty of Orthodoxy in Finland. Through this contest, which will culminate with an album and an exhibition, we would like to present for wider audience Christian life in Finland.

Announcement of the results of the International Competition "Colours of Orthodoxy. Finland"

On September 18, 2019, the meeting of the international jury of the Colours of Orthodoxy: Finland International Photography Competition took place online.
Over 880 photos were sent to this competition from over 100 participants from nearly ten different countries. The jury members were very pleased with the quality of the presented photographs. After five hours of intensive discussions, the jury chose to select about twenty photos for each category in the first phase of the competition. During the second phase, the jury selected the winners and honorary prize recipients.
To decide the Grand Prize winner, the jury made their decision based upon the quality of the individual photographic submissions as well as the overall body of work submitted through the categories of the competition. The final decision of awarding the Grand Prize went to: Hanna Kemppi (Helsinki, Finland).

Hanna Kemppi
Hanna Kemppi
Hanna Kemppi
all photos by Hanna Kemppi

Following the Grand Prize decision, the jury declares the following awards for each of the three categories:


Takala Vesa

1st prize:
Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)

Doukas Dimi

2nd prize:
Dimi Doukas (Vihti, Finland)

Rutkovskaya Tatiana

3rd prize:
Tatiana Rutkovskaya
(Kaliningrad, Russia)

Takala Vesa

Honorable mention
Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)

Mansikkamäki Salla

Honorable mention
Salla Mansikkamäki (Helsinki, Finland)

Sipakko Helena

Honorable mention
Helena Sipakko (Tampere, Finland)



Maija Bondar

1st prize:
Maija Bondar (Palokka, Finland)

 Andrzej Konachowicz

2nd prize:
Andrzej Konachowicz (Lublin, Poland)

Marina Gargi

3rd prize:
Marina Gargi (Espoo, Finland)

Tomasz Grześ

Honorable mention
Tomasz Grześ (Bialystok, Poland)

Laura Karlin

Honorable mention
Laura Karlin (Helsinki, Finland)

Honorable mention
Niklas Strengell (Kerava, Finland)



Marina Gargi

1st prize:
Marina Gargi (Espoo, Finland)

Vesa Takala

2nd prize:
Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)

Kazerski Valentin

3rd prize:
Valentin Kazerski (Helsinki, Finland)

Anitta Julkunen

Honorable mention
Anitta Julkunen (Nurmes, Finland)

Katrina Grönholm-Kulmala

Honorable mention
Katrina Grönholm-Kulmala (Turku, Finland)

Vesa Takala

Honorable mention
Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)


Most emotional photo additional prize offered by Andrzej Parafiniuk - Honorable Consul of Finland in Bialystok

Takala Vesa

Vesa Takala (Kovero, Finland)

Due to Covid-19 the organizers will follow the situation in order to arrange the ceremony and exhibition.


Competition is organized by the Orthodox Church of Finland, OrthPhoto.net and the Publishing Department of the Polish Orthodox Church.

The Church of Finland

The Orthodox Church of Finland

With its roots in the medieval Novgorodian missionary work in Karelia, the Orthodox Church of Finland was a part of the Russian Orthodox Church until 1923. Today the church has three dioceses and 59,000 members that account for 1.1 percent of the native population of Finland. Since 1923 the Orthodox Church of Finland belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarchate as an Autonomous Church. www.ort.fi


ORTHPHOTO is a unique project which involves both professional photographers and amateurs who want to share their photographs representing the beauty of the Orthodox Christian faith around the world.
ORTHPHOTO contains over 85,000 photographs from 80 countries – from Brazil to China, from Russia to Uganda.


The Publishing Department of Polish Orthodox Church

One of the biggest companies in Poland that deal with Orthodox literature. It publishes two magazines as well as other literature connected to theology, history and contemporary issues of the Orthodox Church: albums, books, booklets, paper icons, etc.

Partners and Media Partners







Contest regulations are available in PDF file

PDF file


The following prizes are available in this competition:

Grand Prix: 400 EURO
1st prize in each category: 200 EURO + set of albums Colours of Orthodoxy
2st prize in each category: 100 EURO
3rd prize in each category: 50 EURO
Honorable Mention: photo album from one of our or partners publications
(the number of the honorable mentions will be decided from the jury)

Most emotional photo: 200 EURO - additional prize offered by Andrzej Parafiniuk - Honorable Consul of Finland in Bialystok

All monetary prizes will be issued as bank transfers.

The Organizer will report monetary prizes above 100 euros to the Incomes Register.

Winners will be responsible for reporting any winnings in their tax return.


The Jury of this Contest is International and consists of 5 members

Berndt Arell, Photo: Sanna Sjöswärd

Berndt Arell /head/

Art Historian, Chairman of the Finnish Orthodox Parish in Stockholm, Sweden. Exhibithion Producer for Fotografiska – Museums of Photography in Stockholm, Tallinn and New York. Former Director General of Swedish National Museum with Prince Eugen´s Waldemarsudde. Former Museum Director of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

Jarosław Charkiewicz

Jarosław Charkiewicz

Dr of Theology, journalist, editor, writer, translator, photographer. Author of more than 20 books on the Orthodox history, theology, hagiography and iconography. Secretary of the Publishing Department of Polish Orthodox Church. Initiator of series of albums “Colours of Orthodoxy”.

Liisa Heikkilä-Palo, fot. Henna Hietainen

Liisa Heikkilä-Palo

Cultural director ( emerita )
Publisher (emerita)
Chiefeditor of Ikonimaalari magazine
Produced several books of Fine art photography

Teresa Töntsi, fot. Henna Hietainen

Teresa Töntsi

Director of the Orthodox Church Museum of Finland - RIISA, Kuopio. Executive director of the Orthodox Church Museum of Finland Foundation. Master of Arts, Historian of Cultural history, University of Helsinki. Member of the Editorial staff of Icon & Culture -publication. Edited several books of history. Several articles of the collections of RIISA.

Aleksander Wasyluk


President of the OrthNet Association.
Εditor and one of the founders of www.orthphoto.net. Founder of a Polish website about and for orthodox believers www.cerkiew.pl. Currently working for a photo educational project: www.szerokikadr.pl for Nikon Poland.
Thanks to SYNDESMOS visited and explored many places connected with Orthodox religion.


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Colours of orthodoxy.Finland

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